The Vision

We imagine a world where anyone—young or old—who loves the game of dodgeball can play it, competitively or recreationally, with good people, and based on common values that promote fun, spirit and good sportsmanship. Be it in a large international city like London, or a small rural town like Juneau, Alaska, we believe in the power of dodgeball to bring people together. These are our core beliefs:

1) We believe in a unified set of dodgeball rules that promote a fast-paced, exciting, and fair game. The rules must be adaptable to all gym sizes, and for all ages, and both sexes. 

2) Whether we win or lose, we believe in having fun, being spirited and having great sportsmanship, on or off the courts.

3) We believe anyone can play. We will advance the sport at all levels, including elementary and high schools, universities, and adult leagues.

4) We believe in developing common dodgeball infrastructure (e.g. registration services, web sites, scheduling tools) and sharing best practices to run operations (e.g. tournaments, skill clinics, league play) so that our players can spend more time on the courts playing, instead of administering. 

5) We believe in supporting grassroots, volunteer driven, community-driven non-profit organizations, led by passionate individuals who want to make a meaningful contribution to their community.